“A Nuisance” selected for publication in The Pigeon Parade Quarterly issue no. 4 BLEED by¬†Guest Editor Santiago Ortiz-Piazuelo. Published in print July 1, 2021.

“Hagiography” accepted for publication in Amethyst Review. Scheduled September 2021.

Happy Meetings” accepted for publication in Ekstasis Magazine.

“Pelican” published in Relief: A Journal of Art and Faith Spring 2021 issue.

“Thanksgiving, 1993” and “Preservation” published in North Dakota Quarterly‘s Fall/Winter 2021 issue.

“Song of Sarajevo” won Best in Show for Rehumanize International’s Create | Encounter, March 27, 2021. Published in Life Matters Journal.

Pelican: Poems

Published March 2021.

Available for purchase through the following retailers:

Pelican: Poems

“Home Sweet” and “Canonization” published in Ever Eden Literary Journal, Winter 2020.

“A St. Christopher Prayer” published in Ever Eden Literary Journal, Spring 2020.

“The Vault of Heaven” published in Ever Eden Literary Journal, Fall 2019.